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I-9 Process
Please Read Before Hiring Someone – Notify the Conference HR Office (or Education Office if an education employee) BEFORE they start working.

The I-9 form is a critical step in getting new employees verified and ready to work. The form can be completed prior to a new hire’s start date, but if not, it must be done within the first 3-business days of the employee’s hire date. If not completed within the first 3 days, they CANNOT work until this is finished.

Section 1 – Completed by the employee: Employees should complete this section no later than the first day of employment or earlier. If the employee makes any errors, the employee should cross through their mistake, write the correction and initial it. Any blank fields (for example: “Other Last Names Used”) should be filled in with “N/A”. The employee should provide a physical address, not a P.O. Box. Double check that the employee signs and dates the I-9 and marks the box stating they did not use a preparer.

Section 2 – Completed by the employer (church/school/Conference representative): Enter the employee’s name at the top of Section 2 and for their citizenship, write the number they marked on page 1. The employee must present unexpired, original documentation (no copies) within the first 3-business days of their hire date (if not provided they cannot work). The employer representative must list the document presented in either List A, List B or List C, depending on what is presented. The employer representative must provide his/her information and attest to the documentation provided by signing his/her name in Section 2 and entering the hire date of the employee. The employer and employer address should be that of the Oregon Conference, not the local entity. Photocopy all documentation and include it with the I-9 form, then mail the original to the Oregon Conference, Attn: HR, 19800 Oatfield Rd. Gladstone, OR 97027.

Things to Note:
• Do not use white out. If you make an error, cross it out, initial it, date, and write your corrected information.
• Do not request more or different documents than are required to verify employment eligibility, reject reasonably genuine-looking documents, or specify certain documents over others. On Section 2 – If you have a List A document, do not write in List B & C documents as well. Vice versa, if you have the list B & C documents completed, do not also provide a List A documents. Do not provide more information that what is needed (we could be fined for this as well).
• Do not allow an employee to work if the I-9 is not completed. If they say that they don’t have a Social Security card, or a Birth Certificate, or a Driver License, etc., but that it will come in a week or two, then they will need to wait a week or however long to provide it before they start working.

If audited by the government, we could receive fines and penalties for missing or incomplete I-9’s.

Failing to comply with I-9 employment verification: $216 up to $2,156 for each document.
Document abuse: $178 up to $1,782 for each violation.
Other fines that can go up to $10,000 or more for multiple violations.