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If your provider is having trouble verifying benefits, please be sure they have your new card (issued at the beginning of 2015, and includes Aetna and HealthSCOPE information on the back), and that they are contacting HealthSCOPE/Adventist Risk Management (ARM) rather than Aetna. One of the most common issues so far this year has been that members tell a provider that we have Aetna coverage, and the provider contacts Aetna to confirm eligiblity. ARM contracts with Aetna to use their provider network and pricing structure, but we are not on Aetna's coverage, so Aetna customer service representatives will not be able to verify your eligiblity for benefits. Providers must contact HealthSCOPE/ARM at 1.888.276.4732.

2016 Plan Document - The Schedule of Benefits on pages 94-101 provides an overview of our coverage. Please note that this document also includes information about the lower-coverage Standard Plan. As the Oregon Conference currently offers only the Legacy Plan, please disregard information relating to the Standard Plan. There are no changes for coverage or premiums for the 2017 Legacy HCAP.

Reimbursement Form - For use with all benefits except prescription.

Express Scripts Prescription Reimbursement Form

Express Scripts Prescription Mail Order Form

HealthSCOPE login - Members should register for an account. This member portal allows you to view claims, explanations of benefits (EOBs), and request replacement cards.

Aetna Provider Search - Aetna is our provider network for medical and dental benefits. (No network is required for vision or alternative therapies.)

Express Scripts - Express Scripts is our provider for prescription benefits. Walgreen's is not included in the Adventist Risk Management contract.

Adventist Risk Management - View all employee benefits and find additional forms.

Wellness Login - Complete a Personal Wellness Profile and log your exercise to earn payroll incentives and monthly premium discounts.

Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment period for coverage in 2017 ends December 15, 2016. Though address updates and coordination of benefit information may be changed at any point during the year, there are a limited number of situations that qualify members to make coverage changes outside of open enrollment. These "change of status events" include the birth or adoption of a new child, change in marital status, and gaining or losing access to other employer-provided coverage. All changes must be submitted to Human Resources within 30 days of the occurance.

Change Request Form

The completed change request form may be submitted to Human Resources via
     Fax: 503.850.3410
     Email: *if you choose to email, please do not include any SSNs*
     US Mail: Oregon Conference of SDA
                  19800 Oatfield Rd.
                  Gladstone, OR 97027
                  attn: Human Resources